The Truth About A Godly Life

Wooden Christian Cross

I have been on a road to spiritual self-discovery for several years now. This journey began a couple of years back when I realized that I had become lazy and pretty complacent – lacking any real spiritual direction.

I have to admit I was a one-day a week Christian. I attended church on Sunday morning but church or Christ-like living pretty much escaped my notice Monday through Saturday. It wasn’t that I was living a life of deviant behavior but it wasn’t one centered on Christ.

I rationalized it by saying that at least I wasn’t showing up at Easter and Christmas only. But even though it was more frequent, God wanted more of my attention than Sundays only.

My sister and I have been reading Respectable Sins together. We have a set time each Saturday to discuss what we’ve read. This week we learned about the ungodly life.

Jerry Bridges, best selling author of Respectable Sins, tells us that unless you are seeking God in every aspect of your life, you are living an ungodly life. I never thought I was living an ungodly life. But if God isn’t in every aspect of my life, it is ungodly –without God. I am learning to include God in everything – every time.

It feels funny to talk to God about grocery shopping or any kind of shopping. But it has made a difference. He is helping me find good deals and helping me discern if I really need to make a purchase or not.

Would your television watching be different if you consulted God before you turned on the TV? How different would your choices be if you consulted God about what you eat?

“A person may be moral and upright, and even busy in Christian service, yet have little to no desire to develop an (deep) intimate relationship with God,” Jerry Bridges, author of Respectable Sins.

We sing songs about Jesus being a friend. Is He the friend you talk to about your most intimate thoughts?


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