Not Everyone Who Celebrates Christmas is a Christian

cross and manger

We have become society that doesn’t want to offend anyone. And while I agree with that, I still believe in a person’s right to have an opinion – even if it differs from mine. And I’ll defend the right to my opinion – like it or not. I shouldn’t be as worried about you offending me but I should be more concerned that I am grounded and firm in my beliefs and convictions that I wouldn’t take offense.

I am not an argumentative person but I think we have watered our stand on Christianity so much at Christmas, that it hardly represents the celebration of the birth of the Messiah.

At work the employee newsletter was making an attempt at explaining the holiday traditions of Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. When I read what was written about Christmas, it was so weak and made it sound like a bunch of people following the teaching of a really good guy. It spoke more about the secular celebration involving Santa Claus and giving and receiving gifts. But the article said nothing of the fact that Jesus is God in the flesh. He was born on earth of a virgin to live life and experience trials and tribulations as we do. It said nothing about how He came to be the sacrifice for our sins. If you want to know about Christmas, ask a Christian. Christmas Begins with Christ.

Many years ago Jewish woman once told me that her daughter wanted to know why Christian parents lie to their children about Santa Claus. I wish I was quick on my feet with the response of “Not everyone who celebrates Christmas is a Christian.” Remember the reason for the season.

Happy Holy Day.


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