Workplace Christian


In today’s workplace you have a menagerie of individuals with a variety of backgrounds. I seems that more than any time in history, today’s Christian walks a minefield of political correctness not to offend anyone and maintain friendly workplace. 

I am ashamed to say I have found myself saying and doing things to get along and keep the peace and to fit in. I realize I haven’t held strong to my convictions for fear of being the ‘Jesus freak’ or too preachy. But isn’t that what this Christian life is about. We are to bring others to Christ. Then if that means being labeled the Jesus freak or being preachy, so be it.

On the other side of the coin you also never want to come off with a ‘holier than thou’ attitude, because the reality is we are all sinners saved by grace.

If you find yourself in a situation that puts you between a rock and a hard place, speak the gospel’s truth – remember Jesus is the rock who will smooth out the hard places.

If this is you, say this prayer with me. Lord, forgive me today that I have fallen short of your glory. I have been lacking the conviction to stand firm on your word. Lord, give me the courage to stand for you. Give me the boldness to speak up about you. Protect me Father when I come under attack when I speak up about you. Give me the conviction that declares you as Lord and Savior and that it brings others to know you. I give you the honor, the glory and the praise.


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