How I Became a Small Group Leader

My church is holding a Community Group Fair this weekend. They will introduce a several new small groups for the fall with the hope that people will join a group and participate in ministry.

The odd twist of this story is that I am leading a small group. I have to tell you I am about as shy as they come. I tend to prefer to be a background player – a supporting cast member – so to speak.

But when my pastor sent an email last year to several of us at church inviting us to attend an introductory meeting for small group leadership training, I said OK. I wasn’t really certain he meant me for me to attend but I went anyway.

I remember sitting in the chapel that December evening and light bulbs were going off like crazy in my head. As I listened to the pastor who would be leading the training, I could see an application for a particular small group I had in mind. I could see the application for several small groups. But I knew I needed to start one at a time. It felt like a divine appointment. I am praying that God continues to have His hand in this.

The small group I’ll lead is how to get connected in the church. As I’ve told you before I’ve joined a few churches in my lifetime. I would go through the New Members Class. And after about a year or so I would look around to see who is still attending the church. To my surprise very few people who attended new members group were still attending the church. I wondered why they weren’t there anymore. Did they get discouraged, did they not find what they were looking for or was it just hard to break in and make connections.

We know the Bible speaks to the assembly of believers to encourage one another.

Hebrews 10:25 

I will be using two of Thom Rainer’s books I Am A Church Member and Connected My Life In the Church as our guides for study. Mr. Rainer made it plain for me about my responsibility as a Christian and a member of a church. The books are a must read I think for any church member.

I am a church member

I’m not clear on my Bible history but perhaps the concept of small group meetings began with the first century Christians. People generally gathered among family members into small groups to study the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Jump ahead a few thousand years and we are still meeting in small groups to study. The old saying of everything old is new again can certainly be true in this case.

I am looking forward to seeing the fruit of God’s work in these groups. I am expecting to be blessed from the group.



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