Can You Hear Through the Noise?

It has been almost one year ago that I learned how to quiet the distractions of the day and listen for God speaking to me.

My Walk to Emmaus gave me the tools, the guidance and the confidence to sit quietly and hear from God. In case you don’t know, Emmaus is a 72-hour escape from the world to draw closer to God.

It is no easy task. I know for me it was hard. And I imagine that thousands of other Christians face the same challenge. The world’s expectations of you are to be busy – fill each moment of every day. But that left me feeling like my wheels were spinning in the mud. I couldn’t get any traction. No matter how much I read my Bible and prayed to God, I couldn’t hear Him. I used to say “God you may need to shout at me because I’m a little hard-headed.”

There was so much noise going on inside my head only a little bit was getting through. But I am thankful for what was coming through. The most significant thing that I heard was that I needed a closer walk. The path I had been following was shallow and I keep going round in circles. I keep repeating the same mistakes because I hadn’t learned the lesson the first time. And thankfully God is a patient father. He will teach you time and again until you get it right. And then it’s on to the next lesson. The sweet reward is the joy of being in his presence.

Sometimes it literally takes shutting off the TV, cell phone, and the internet to hear God. But what I crave even more now than TV is the voice of God speaking quietly to my heart.

Psalm 19:14 “May the words of my mouth and the mediation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.”


One thought on “Can You Hear Through the Noise?

  1. Kelly Grace

    This is so important in our noisy world. One of my favorite parts of our ministry in Africa is the quiet of village life. I get into a habit of listening to God and it’s much harder to do here at home. Thanks for sharing this. I hope others will read it and try this.


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