Example of a long, loving Christian marriage

A dear sweet friend from church recently celebrated 50 years of marriage with her husband. I’ve known very few couples who have managed to accomplish that feat. What makes their anniversary so impactful to me was that their anniversary is on the same date as what would have been my wedding anniversary also – if I had not divorced. 

Looking at this couple, I am in awe of them. I hold them up as an example of a loving, Christian marriage.

I didn’t ask my friend the secret to a long marriage. I am sure she would have some sage advice and words of wisdom. But I didn’t have to. I saw it and see every time I see her and her husband. They pray for and pray with each other. They live as an example of a Christian marriage – loving and forgiving. As the old say goes, “Actions speak louder than words.”

God bless and congratulations to Wilma and Leo Scholl.


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