Preparation For the Journey

I admit it. I am as biased as any mother would be. I think I have a pretty wonderful child. He’s not perfect. He keeps a messy room and I have to tell him too many times to wash the dishes and to put out the trash. Occasionally I will hear a tone in his voice. But I’ve develop my ‘look’ for his unacceptable behavior (you parents will know what I’m talking about) and he straightens right up. He is a good kid. We laugh, sing, and dance together. And like every Christian mother, I want him to grow into a godly man. That is why he will be starting a spiritual journey this summer when he attends the Western Ohio Chrysalis program.

If you don’t know, Chrysalis is the youth version of the Walk to Emmaus. I attended my own Walk to Emmaus nearly a year ago. And for me it was eye-opening and life changing. I am praying the same for him. He knows that God the father created him and Jesus the son died for his sin. But that’s all head knowledge. I am praying for a deeper understanding and a soul conversion that lights a fire in him to follow and serve the Lord. I want him to know the Savior personally for himself. I can only help equip him with the opportunity to experience it.

Since my walk I have talked to several people who came away with different experiences. One lady told me that she didn’t feel moved by her experience until a year later. I know others who were moved right away. So somewhere between immediately and eventually, I am praying he understand the magnitude of this life’s journey and his responsibility.

To learn more about Walk to Emmaus or Chrysalis.


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